Monday, January 11, 2010

Jenna jameson sex. Yes.

Jenna jameson sex. New pics from google.

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Why do they do this to me? Well, yes I know ... J ' have very good friends that I go out with when the subject of sex is in place, they boast of how they arose and all ... So my friend Kyle told me: Hey dude, you never have a few? J ' was like Nope, Im yet to find the girl or guy all right They laugh at me and say Dude Jenna Jameson hit a lot of guys and girls, shes better than you. I told them simply because ' shes a pornstar doesn't mean shes better than me or smarter than me ... okay? They ' the shocked look in their faces and laugh at me ... Im 24 years and never really dated in the past, perhaps because I ' ve read many books and school work and didn't have time for girls. ) Now, I ' just hope to find the girl or guy right one days on the road, thats not too wild ... you know what I mean? Someone I ' a ' s can be for life. Why do people do that sometimes, they boast how they have sex, and ask others when they dont? It makes me mad sometimes.
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